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Nix is ​​burned in all services on the CriptoNoPix platform


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The Token

Nix was conceived as a decentralized, community-driven token designed to be the utility token and foundation for various crypto projects around the world, standing out for its low transaction fees. Its ambition is to evolve into its own brokerage utility token, providing an even more integrated experience, competitive trading fees, and conversion of crypto assets to real-world applications.

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It is important to highlight that a substantial part, far beyond the amount initially raised, was returned to liquidity in different ways. This return process represents a commitment to transparency and financial responsibility, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently. This measure also reflects the commitment to managing resources in a responsible and devolutionary manner, recognizing the trust, support and sovereignty of the NIX community. However, aimed at ensuring the security, decentralization and immutability of the token, the team decides to renounce ownership of the contract.

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